Testimonial dari Le Noir

Dear Nusanet,

With this letter, I would like to thank you for your internet service provider.

Before I decided on Nusanet, I’ve been doing my research on “which the best ISP for Pantai Indah Kapuk area” for quite a while, none of them could gave me a reasonable price with top notch services.
I’ve been with Nusanet ISP for 4 months so far, and the network only down for once (and that’s during the blizzard). As a customer, of course I bragged my rights to their sales and customer service because even the network down for 5 minutes, it could be disaster in my part. Since I forgot the phone number of the ISP, I message Miss Fio (the person who offered me the ISP at the first place). Within a minute, customer services called me and check the network status for my area, and within less than 5 minutes the network was up and running again… Awesome!

Connection was very stable and surprisingly the Download Speed and Upload Speed, both were bang for bucks. I’m a gamer and I played Online Games at my own Café without lagging, so stability of the internet is very crucial.

Thank you once again Nusanet

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