Testimonial dari PT. Ciputra Surya Tbk 2012

ciputra surya tbk

15th October 2012

To : Nusanet
Subject : Testimonial of Internet Service by Nusanet

PT. Ciputra Surya Tbk is already using Internet Service from Nusanet for about 6 months. Here are our testimonial about the service given by Nusanet :

1. The reliability is real 99,8%. This means almost no down time during the service.
2. The NOC team gives the best support for us especially for handling trouble.
3. Good and competitive price among the others. Good pricing that directly proportional to the service obtained.
4. Great personal touch. The service give both support and sales team always taking care as friend not a customer, even we ask to help to another network solution outside the one that they provide.

This is all out testimonial about Internet Service by Nusanet, Hopes it can be used properly and our work-relationship will continue. Thank you for your attention and kind cooperation.



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