Testimonial dari Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers 2015

Testimonial Sheraton Surabaya untuk Nusanet2 July 2015

Ref No. 001/SSHT/IT/VII/2015

PT.Media Antar Nusa (Nusanet)
Phone +62 31 547 3838
Fax.    +62 31 547 3939
Att. Usin Darmalim


Subject : Testimonial


Nusanet has been our Internet Service Provider (ISP) business partner since 2015. We rely on their excellent service and support, as well their valuable knowledge and guidance in making sure our network is configured efficiently.

Internet connection for guest 24 hours a day ensures by Nusanet. They also take care of events where the guest needs High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) with all the supporting devices.

Nusanet also provides updated hardware and always focused on customer service. There are knowledge transfer between Nusanet and us which also addtional benefit. We are happy as their business partners.

In addition, the relationship we have developed have been key to our continued mutual success.



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