Testimonial dari Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers

Testimonial Sheraton untuk NusanetTo Whom it may concern,

it is with pleasure and gratitude, i would testified that since February 2013 until now Nusanet as our internet provider has been give us such a level of excellent service.

Nusanet is more than an internet provider, Nusanet is providing solution to us. Our internal network has been configured by Nusanet, it has to ensure that internet connection to the rooms is completely safe.

Nusanet also very helpful when we held any events, Nusanet lent us high quality access point, so when concurrent use of wifi is high the internet connection is still stable. This happens at the APEC event and the wedding fair at Pakuwon Golf & Family club.

The experience at each phase of sales effort was superior, and also Nusanet-experienced helpdesk and engineers give us best support to deal with any problems as well. All of these tasks whether business related or interpersonal, were accomplished with competence and integrity

Thus, we highly recommend Nusanet for hotel needs.


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